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Quick Tips
Is your business prepared
for a natural disaster?

As many as 60% of small businesses never reopen following a natural disaster.1
Have you done all you can to keep this from happening to you?

Over the last few decades, our world has seen a steady increase in natural disasters. While such events are unavoidable, the right preparations can help keep your business running as smoothly as possible following an act of nature. And it is essential to have these preparations in place from the moment you open your business.

  • Preparation is key

  • Confirm that you are properly insured with insurance that is specific to your business and each location (if applicable). For example, you should have the appropriate insurance for locations in flood-prone areas or food contamination insurance for locations that require a temperature-controlled environment. Your insurance can be your life saver if an unexpected disaster occurs.
  • Implement a business-wide disaster recovery or business continuity plan, as well as an evacuation protocol for each location of your business (if more than one) that all employees must follow. Advanced planning is key to reduce chaos and increase employee resourcefulness, especially if customers are present when the disaster strikes. Instruct management to pre-assign important roles – such as someone to contact your vendors and address customer concerns. Make sure each employee is fully aware of the plan and understands his or her responsibilities. A presentation of the procedures and a mandatory online or paper evaluation can help measure how much of the information employees have retained.
  • Test your plan, and improve it as necessary. The first time you assess your plan should not be right after a forecasted event or natural disaster. Use staff meetings to discuss and act out scenarios so everyone becomes comfortable with what they should do.
  • Maintain up-to-date records for your business. In the unfortunate case that a storm damages your business, you will want to know exactly what you lost. Make sure inventory and other business records are updated on a regular basis. And if you haven’t already done so, establish an off-site backup of important documents to ensure you are always prepared for the worst.
  • Protect your payments – preserve your revenue

  • Don’t let damaged equipment keep you from getting your business up and running. Under WorldPay’s Equipment Replacement Program, we can repair or replace a damaged terminal, PIN pad, check reader or printer so your business can resume making sales as soon as possible.
  • With our Supplies Program, you’re only a phone call away from new supplies. If something unexpected happens and you need new supplies fast, such as printer paper, terminal ribbons, acceptance decals or manual imprint credit card slips, you can count on us.
  • If a storm keeps customers and staff away from your business, you can still accept payments. With VT Payments, take payments from any Internet-connected desktop or laptop computer, so you can maintain business continuity, even if conditions prevent your staff from physically being at the business.
  • Frequently, natural disasters and storms of all sizes result in power losses, yet people still need to buy products and services. You will soon be able to take payments from nearly any Apple® or Android™ mobile device with a data connection even when the power is out. All you need is a WorldPay Mobile account, the free mobile app and the free card reader – although you can also key in transactions manually if the card or cardreader is not present.

Coming soon to WorldPay –
Accept payments anywhere you do business with WorldPay Mobile

WorldPay Mobile lets you take payments from nearly any Apple® or Android™ mobile device with a data connection. With WorldPay Mobile, you’ll be ready to take a payment anytime, anywhere.

For more information on WorldPay Mobile, contact your personal Account Executive or WorldPay Customer Care at 800.859.5965, Option 3.

1"Will Your Business Survive the next Big Storm?" Team Webb Blog. n.p., June 6 2012.