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A Note From Tony Catalfano

Letter from Tony

Welcome to the Fall edition of the WorldPay Merchant Advisor. Click here to find out what’s new in the industry and at WorldPay.

Featured Article

Universal commerce – The new way to shop

The rapid adoption of mobile technology and rise of social media have dramatically changed consumers– expectations for their overall buying experience. Traditional brick-and-mortar shopping is no longer enough. Read more »

Quick Tips

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster?

Over the last few decades, our world has seen a steady increase in natural disasters. While such events are unavoidable, the right preparations can keep your business running as smoothly as possible following an act of nature. Read more »

Product Spotlight

Gift cards – They’re good for business!

A gift card in your customer's wallet is like a tiny billboard that reminds cardholders of your business every time they see it. Read more »

Success Story

Greater success with gift cards

For small businesses, building a customer base and reaching new customers can be a challenge in a world dominated by large brand names. But a grocery store chain saw an opportunity in gift cards and has successfully used them to build brand awareness and increase revenue. Read more »